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Our Song is a slammin screen door sneakin out late tappin on his window when were the phone and he talks real slow... Cause it's late and his momma don't know - Our Song, taylor swift


Day 1 - The first Taylor Swift song you ever heard. I'm pretty sure it is Our Song, but I can't be sure. I started liking Taylor seven years ago. This is just one of the first songs of hers I remember.


Love her hair like this! Makes her look like a barbie

from MTV News

Which Taylor Swift Song Are You?

I got: "Our Song"! Which Taylor Swift Song Are You?


Our Song i still know all of her 'old' songs from when we used to listen to them at baseball games


Day 9: favorite Taylor Swift(album) song; this was the second song I ever heard from taylor. I was in kindergarten and someone sang it at the talent show. I had it stuck in my head for always is weird to think that the first time I heard taylor I was so little! And I can't believe she is 25!!!the first song I heard was Teardrops on my guitar. I just love the memories each song has because she is been with me for so long. :') -Jamie Nicole (@TheChosenSwifty)