7 Reasons Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris are The Cutest Couple Ever! http://www.countryoutfitter.com/style/7-reason-taylor-swift-and-calvin-harris-are-the-cutest-couple-ever/

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Exactly!!!! All the people saying Taylor get's a boyfriend like every five seconds just need to be quiet!! And when us Swifties say Taylor's our role model they then say 'So you want to grow up and date a bunch of guys?' No, we want to grow up and be a beautiful and elegant person just like Taylor. So just shut up haters!

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AHAHAHAH it's funny cuz it's true. Let's count the official boyfriends since fame. Joe. Taylor. John. Jake. Connor. Harry.

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Love Taylor Swift can't wait to see what her Calvin break album will be like! Lol

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Id really like to see Taylor Swift in person to tell her that she is my fav music artist and I am her #1 fan!!!! She is one that i really look up to when it comes to music!! She is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D ~Alyssa Brown

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