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Hillsborough County: Deadline to Apply for 2016 Tax Exemptions Fast Approaching

The final day property owners can file for 2016 Homestead exemption in Hillsborough County is this Tuesday.

An Accounting blog resolving the problem of Businesses worldwide with ideas for encouraging them to file their SA Tax returns in Advance i.e. by reviewing last year’s mistakes, sharing checklist of information, following deadline, utilizing cloud accounting etc.

We live in a brave new world of work. Gone are the days where everyone worked a single job one paycheck and the promise of a pension plan. Instead an increasing number of us are earning a living by combining two or three different jobs or by plying our trade as consultants or contract employees. One of the advantages of traditional full-time employment is the ability to participate in a 401k retirement savings plan which allows you to both build a nest egg and lower your current year taxes…

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Getting Organized: Paperwork to Shred, Scan, or Store Infographic — Women & Co

As hard as I try, I always end up with at least a few folders full of receipts, forms, and miscellaneous items throughout the year, inevitably cluttering my filing cabinet and desk drawer. Since the tax deadline has come and gone, it's an opportune time to empty out the drawers full of "I'll get to that later" papers and decide what to shred, what to scan and store on a flash drive, and which items to retain on file.

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What You Should Know About Filing Your Taxes Late

Is it bad to file your taxes late? You should read this…

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America’s Gift To International Treaties Can Come Back To Hammer It

“No one thought about this when NAFTA implementing law passed.” “Floodgates, giving up sovereignty.” “How much $, who pays, how big a blow up.” As the February 2000 deadline loomed for the US to file a response to Loewen’s complaint, a memo marked “urgent” landed on the desk of Clinton’s chief of staff, John Podesta, who now runs Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. A Homegrown Disaster

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HMRC waives tax return penalties 'whenever someone appeals'

Tax officials have been told to ignore the filing deadline and cancel fines if a person lodging their return late gives an excuse.