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Fantasy Island (1977)

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fantasy island tv show | tv series 60 min adventure drama fantasy ratings 6 4 10 from 2174 ...

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Great Illustrations & Drawings

"There's a kingdom up there somewhere, young man. In the sky, above the clouds, hidden by elvish magic. They say the king and queen of that kingdom are dead and that the people there are waiting for the return of their dead ruler's daughter..."

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//Yongsub Noh * Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Elf Elves Sword Sorcery Magic Witch Wizard Sorceress Demon Dark Gothic Goth Demoness Darkness

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Love Boat and Fantasy Island: Keeping B- and C-list Celebrities Employed since 1977

Tattoo and Mr. Roarke - Welcome to Fantasy Island

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Castle from St Cuthberts at Night (BW)

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Fantasy Island - who can ever forget, "The Plane, The Plane, I See the Plane!"

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Art: Comfort Me ~ by Artist Nico Niemi Dragon Hatchling Egg Baby Babies Cute Funny Humor Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Dragons Wings Sword Sorcery Magic Art Fairy Maiden Whimsy

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Fantasy Island TV Show | Kids TV Shows from the 70s and 80s - eighties tv shows at ...

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This was a very fun show! My favorite episodes featured Roddy McDowell as the Devil!

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