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Tater Tot Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Tater Tot Sausage Breakfast Casserole - great make ahead recipe! Sausage, cheddar cheese, tater tots, eggs, milk, garlic, onion and black pepper. Can refrigerate or freeze for later. Great for breakfast. lunch or dinner. Everyone loves this easy breakfast casserole!!


Taco Tater Casserole

Tater Taco Casserole - A Mexican mixture of taco meat, beans, corn, and cheese topped with tater tots and enchilada sauce.


Cheesy Tater Tot Breakfast Bake

Cheesy Tater Tot Breakfast Bake - Just a handful of ingredients, make-ahead the night before, and delicious the next morning! Total crowd pleaser! #recipe #brunch #casserole


Tater Tot Casserole (aka Tater Tot Hotdish)

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? What are your plans? As always, we are making WAY too much food for just a few people. I have smokies and brownies to finish, but in the meantime let's talk about ugly food. There could not be an uglier food than Tater Tot Hotdish. Or, Tater Tot Casserole, if that's more up your alley. Here in Minnesota we go with Hotdish.

"Cracked Out" Tater Tot Casserole

"Cracked Out" Tater Tot Casserole ~ It is so addictive and It is also super easy to make... This casserole can be made ahead of time and frozen for later too! Make it! Add lean ground cooked hamburger to it for a meal.