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Our body is AMAZING! We have over 100 trillion cells which is more than all the stars in the Milky Way. Our cells do over 6 trillion things per second. Each day we take 23000 breaths. Our blood travels 60000 miles daily. We blink 15000 each day. Our bones are 6 x stronger than concrete. Our eyes can distinguish 1000000 colours and take in more information than the largest telescope in the world. Our lungs inhale 2000000l of air daily. 124 miles is how fast the message travels to our…


Tongue Art Activity

Celebrate all your wonderful tongue taste buds with a giant paper tongue project -- you'll even get to decorate it with actual pieces of candy!

from Fine Art America

Taste Buds, Sem by Omikron

Taste Buds under a scanning electron microscope


Paneer Kathi Roll (Paneer Tikka Wrap)

Delicious paneer kathi rolls are nothing but tongue tickling spicy paneer tikka wrapped in chapati or paratha. They are not only a different way of enjoying paneer tikkas with routine paratha or chapati but also a healthy, stomach filling food that can simply liven up your taste buds.


The texture of taste: chocolate bars (hope they're as much a feast for the taste buds as they are for the eyes)