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~+~+~ MacPherson Tartan ~+~+~ Red Cluny Sett. The MacPhersons were Royalists and aided the Royal Stuarts during the Jacobite Risings of 1715 and 1745. After the 1745 Rising, Cluny MacPherson, who assisted Prince Charlie to escape, was in hiding on his own estate for nine years and a reward of £1,000 was offered for his capture. Cluny Castle was burned by Government troops, but was later rebuilt 1784.


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You know, for when you’re trying to describe those curtains to your roommate before you buy them for the living room. -EL fashioninfographics: “ Plaid Cheat Sheet Via ”


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~+~+~ World Peace Tartan ~+~+~ was created to promote a global message of peace. The base colour is light blue, which is representative of the presence, hope and potential of the United Nations. Scotland is represented at the heart of this enterprise through the purple and green of the Scottish thistle. The red and black in the design represent and remind us of the realities of war and violence. The white running through the pattern provides a counterbalance, a symbol of peace and light.


Scottish Tartan Fabric Brooch

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