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As far back as I can remember I have loved Dr Who. Looking back I can't believe how lame the sets were, but it introduced me to the world of Si Fi and have been hooked ever since.


His eyes creased in excited contemplation as he examined the area around the shattered time. With a whirl the Doctor spun around surveying the market place and began sniffing. Keira watch with mild confusion, "They all told me he was mad." She thought. Then with a grin he took off down the street from whence he came. She ran after him. "Hold this" said the Doctor handing Keira the loaf of bread "That's important." He entered his TARDIS, his head reappeared a moment later. "And stay here."

from OH NO Rachio!

{free} "not all those who wander..." iPhone background

{free} "not all those who wander..." iPhone background — OH NO Rachio!