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Tangled (2010)

My second favorite Disney princess movie. First would have to be Beauty and the Beast. Great family fun!

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Frozen (I) (2013)

Frozen (2013) When the gates open during "For The First Time in Forever," there is a cameo of Rapunzel and Eugene (Flynn) from Tangled (2010). Rapunzel has short, brown hair and is wearing a purple and pink dress, and Eugene is wearing a maroon vest and a brownish sash. They are entering the screen from the left.

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Tangled (2010)

Tangled - I truly ADORE this film. It made me giggle the whole way through, it might even be my favourite Disney film...

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good old TV show that's on Netflix! Cool fact: "Beauty" is the mom on "Chuck" and the "Beast" is the voice of the Stabbington brothers in "Tangled"

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

Five sisters in 19th century England must cope with the pressures to marry while protecting themselves from a growing population of zombies.

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Frozen -- I am so excited for this movie! I am trying to figure out all the little plot hints from the trailers.

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

Forgot to mention I went and saw this flick. A perfect attempt at mainstream zombies for the lowly self appointed horror-critics to blow their hate-loads all over. I haven’t bothered looking into what other people said about it because, well,...

Homefront (2013)

Homefront is rated R it has a lot of adult language in it and it is restricted I'm little and I watched half of the end of Homefront in Homefront Jason Statham is in it my favorite actor. Don't miss Homefront on DVD March 11 2014.

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