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10 Secret Trig Functions Your Math Teachers Never Taught You...(because they are from a pre-calculator world) A diagram with a unit circle and more trig functions than you can shake a stick at. (It's well known that you can shake a stick at a maximum of 8 trig functions.) The familiar sine, cosine, and tangent are in blue, red, and, well, tan, respectively. The versine is in green, and the exsecant is in pink. Excosecant and coversine are also in the image.


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Common Core Math Standards: Similarity, Right Triangles, and Trigonometry Grades 9-12 | Similarity, Right Triangles, & Trigonometry | Learnist


Trigonometry Study Flash Cards - This small set of 18 cards provides a quick reference of basic trigonometric information for the math student. Each card (but one) shows an angle with its degree and radian value, its location on the unit circle, the reference angle, and the sin, cos, and tan value of the angle. The mnemonic "All Students Take Calculus" is represented behind the unit circle with the letters A, S, T, and C to remind students which quadrant specific trig values are positive.


"I think if you look at this animation and think about it long enough, you'll understand: Why circles and right-angle triangles and angles are all related. Why sine is opposite over hypotenuse and so on. Why cosine is simply sine but offset by pi/2 radians."