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That's why I always carry around a bag full of ibuprofen and tampons with pads because I know people need it, and I don't really care if the school finds out im carrying around that shit because blood sisters trumps everything else

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14 Times Russell Howard Nailed It

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These Are Amazing Parents

Taking a baby on a flight can be a scary experience for any new parent. Besides worrying about caring for a possible screaming child, parents stress about making sure everyone around them stays happy as well.

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Warning! Tampon & Maxi Pad Case Zippered Fabric Purse Pouch / Tampon Keeper

Warning! Tampon & Maxi Pad Case Zippered Fabric Purse Pouch / Tampon Keeper

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Funny Pictures Of The Day 47 Pics #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

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"If you threw a tampon into a crowd of boys they would freak out screaming. It would be like in Monsters Inc when George gets contaminated by the sock"

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So I tried looking it up, and this may be true. If it is, slow clap for not slapping somebody, Miss Sally Ride.

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Interesting thought. Maybe because it attempts to limit the transmission of disease? It would be nice if feminine products were occasionally distributed tho

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One time when I was on my period I dropped my bloody tampon and it rolled in to the next stall. I heard a loud scream and then I realized i was in the men's bathroom…

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17 Things That Prove Having Your Period Is Actually Hilarious

Twillight Tampon movie would have been so much better. it could have ended here with him getting mad and killing her

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