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James Halpin, Tim Robert, Seth Hosko & Silicon Syndicate (Downstairs) at Tammany Hall

from The Huffington Post

The Curious History of Women Who 'Passed' As Men In Pursuit of a Dream

n the late 1800s, Mary Anderson, better known as “Murray Hall,” lived much of her adult life as a male politician, bail bondsman and director of her own employment agency. As a member of the General Committee of Tammany Hall, she registered and voted in primary elections at a time when women weren’t allowed such right

William Tweed (1823 –1878) , known as "Boss" Tweed, he was an American politician and the "boss" of Tammany Hall, the political machine of 19th century New York City and State. Tweed was the third-largest landowner in New York City, a director of the Erie Railroad, the Tenth National Bank, and the New-York Printing Company, and owner of the Metropolitan Hotel. Tweed was convicted for stealing $45 million from New York City taxpayers through political corruption. He died in jail.