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AWESOME beginning of year unit plans with Howard Wigglebottom AND great units…


Teaching Tall Tales - lesson plan ideas and a printable template for this literally TALL tale from Layers of Learning


Characteristics of a Tall Tale graphic organizer


Tall Tales: Walt Disney's Paul Bunyan

from What Do We Do All Day

18+ Diverse American Folktales and Tall Tales for Kids

Diverse books for kids. Picture books of American folktales and tall tales. Good variety from @momandkiddo


Tall Tales Story Mapping & Literature Circles!


Freebie! Students complete the charts using any tall tale. The charts focus on the following characteristics of tall tales: The main character is larger than life and has super-human abilities. The main character is helped by a powerful object or animal. The characters use everyday language and are common people. The author uses exaggeration. The author uses humor. The story has a lot of action. The main character solves a problem, overcomes an obstacle, or defeats a “bad guy”.