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Teaching Tall Tales - lesson plan ideas and a printable template for this literally TALL tale from Layers of Learning


These two activity sheets can be used with any tall tale! The first sheet asks questions about the main character, problem and solution, and exaggerations used in any tall tale. The second activity sheet allows students to practice creating exaggerations, such as those used in tall tales.


Tall Tale Freebies - good idea for end of second grade...also see the potential of it being a collaborative effort among students


Freebie! Students complete the charts using any tall tale. The charts focus on the following characteristics of tall tales: The main character is larger than life and has super-human abilities. The main character is helped by a powerful object or animal. The characters use everyday language and are common people. The author uses exaggeration. The author uses humor. The story has a lot of action. The main character solves a problem, overcomes an obstacle, or defeats a “bad guy”.


18+ Diverse American Folktales and Tall Tales for Kids

Diverse books for kids. Picture books of American folktales and tall tales. Good variety from @momandkiddo