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Talenti Flavors

What a time to be alive! Apparently jealous that Ben & Jerry’s has rolled out a bunch of new ice creams to ring in 2016, Talenti is throwing 7 new flavors at our faces as well. The new additions are: #38: Talenti Chocolate Sorbetto  #39: Talenti Vanilla Caramel Swirl  #40: Talenti Coconut Almond Fudge #41: Talenti Key Lime …

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Gelato, Gelato Recipes, Sorbetto, Sorbet, Hormone Free. Gotta try some of these, specially the Sea Salt Caramel!

Talenti Banana Chocolate Swirl Gelato


Talenti Gelato Fudge Brownie 16 oz

Talenti Gelato Fudge Brownie  16 oz

Talenti Key Lime Pie gelato. Key Lime Pie Talenti is a tangy, creamy key lime gelato with graham cracker swirls and pieces throughout. A dessert within a dessert is a beautiful thing, but a dessert inside a Talenti? Now that’s next level.


Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip gelato. Bittersweet Dutch cocoa infused with Italian espresso? You can just call us the diplomats of deliciousness.


Talenti Peach Butter Biscuit. It's only around certain parts of the U.S. at this moment.