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Spitalfields Nippers - it is my great delight to reveal these breathtaking photographs taken by Horace Warner in Spitalfields at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. These pictures which have never been reproduced before, and have hardly been seen by anyone outside his immediate family, are published with the gracious permission of Horace Warner’s grandson, Ian McGilvray.

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This Teacher Forces Her To Answer Her Phone In Class On Speaker, And Instantly Regrets It

Photo taken in 1925 of a little girl visiting the grave of her twin sister who died the year before in a house fire.

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Somebody actually made this kid wait to have his picture taken before they got him down. Nice.

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Wanted to share this because I noticed some posts about things that help with bloating.. I ABSOLUTELY 100% SUGGEST @tinyteatox!!!! These photos were taken before, during, and after a 14 day teatox! I could not believe how awesome I felt after it! Energized, no bloat, just all around amazing! Highly highly recommend giving it a try if you're considering it! I'm currently waiting on the arrival of my next 28-day teatox and I'm getting so anxious! comment if you have questions! #tinyteatox…

The big reveal: our living room...

BEFORE (apologies for the pics, I've taken them all on my phone): Sooo...cast your mind back (just for one moment) to December last year. There was a distinct lack of posts here from me. One of the reasons was of course the fact that we were moving house and our broadband provider had cut us off prematurely. As you will know by now, we found our little Victorian terrace back in July and finally moved in one week before Christmas - not exactly great timing if you ask me because I'm one…

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Henry VIII had a secret daughter who should have taken English throne before Elizabeth I, historian claims

Illegitimate: A depiction of Bessie Blount - King Henry VIII's secret mistress from the side of her parent's tomb - Henry VIII had a secret daughter who should have taken English throne before Elizabeth I, historian claims

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These 19 People Did Not See Death Coming, And Their Final Photos Are Truly Heart Breaking

Leonard Siffleet, an Australian soldier during World War II, seconds before he was beheaded by a Japanese soldier.

Previously unseen photo of teenage Princess Diana scrawled with 'not to be published' goes under the hammer

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