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How to tell if you’re being used (and what to do about it)

We all have them - high maintenance friends, always in the throws of some kind of trauma that draw you in so you become involved, giving them help and support. You will always help people out if you can, that's the sort of person you are. But they will always let you. They don't feel bad if you go the extra mile for them, change plans for them, take, fetch and carry for them. They take advantage of your kind nature. Why is that, and what can you do to protect yourself? Take a read

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Don’t Settle For Less!!! (The Tao of Dana)

I've been wronged and God knows I've certainly done my share of wrong but I cannot stay in the past hoping for a better future. I must MOVE FORWARD. Hope for the best and pray that God will meet me along the way and change my future for the better.

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I was raised by this saying. Never let anyone who can't even support their own family and lies about heir own life events to try and make themselves feel better about their own pathetic life tell you anything about yourself or your family. The food stamp/welfare attitude was probably passed on by your family which is why your attitude is "it's everyone else's problem. Every one that doesn't agree or do what I say is against me" mentality. It's the kids learning from you that will…

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Quotes, Life Quotes, Love Quotes, Best Life Quote... - Curiano Quotes Life

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Confidence. Not ego...confidence. Ain't been afraid to eat alone, ever. I am my own best company. (besides my kids. ;)

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But the only ones who learn that from me are people I never have to worry about taking advantage of it

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