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A Smile Is The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear - Typography Poster - Black and White Art - Scandi Art - Art & Collectibles - Digital Prints

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Leave it all behind/ Chibird lovely pretty cute nice beautiful enjoy happy life love sweet heee cute smile smiles cute stuff

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A Prick|Anniversary Card Love You. Even Though You're A Prick Sometimes. What did the Sunflower say to the Cactus? A funny Anniversary or Valentine's Day card for your husband or boyfriend

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We need thousands of stories like this to happen. Millions. Until this becomes the norm and teenagers are not afraid to simply go out to diner with a friend.

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It’s easy to get really stressed, anxious and worn out. Don’t let your situation get the upper hand- take a deep breath and just know that you can do it!

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Ok this somewhat as to do with it but at school lunches did you and your friends ever have a chugging contest

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This is so true! Can't I get rid of my physical pain then! I will take emotional but the physical is just taking a toll on me. Having both just sucks

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Bank holiday blues? Take a look through Nadia Narain's favourite inspirational quotes

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