Tahrir Square | ميدان التحرير in القاهرة, القاهرة

صورة قديم لميدان التحرير من الأعلى. An aerial view of Tahrir Square in the late 1950's.

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Egyptian army soldiers arrest a female protester, after ripping off her clothes, during clashes at Tahrir Square in Cairo Dec. 17, 2011

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80 sexual assaults in one day – the other story of Tahrir Square: Egypt's women increasingly at risk of rape and sexual assault as rights groups warn of a step up in attacks

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An Egyptian army commander, Hassan al-Roweny, addresses protesters in the opposition stronghold of Tahrir Square, in Cairo February 10, 2011. Photo: Suhaib Salem, Reuters

Women Sexually Assaulted at Tahrir Square During Anniversary of Egypt's Uprising

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Tahrir Square, circa 1924

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