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Shop Safety: How to Make Feather Boards

Safety equipment is essential in any shop but it can be expensive to buy. Learn how to make a feather board to use on your table saw.


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Idea for Table Saw Push Block. If I make it I will modify it and put my handles on right hand side. Goal is never be directly behind the blade again.


As a devoted woodworker, I’m always looking for ways to improve precision, safety and efficiency in my shop. And when others can benefit from these ideas, it makes them even more valuable. In that spirit, here are a few of my favorite tips.


Table Saw Basics - Good information. Makes me re-think how I have been using my table saw. These principles would also apply to "skilsaws"


Table Saw Tips and Techniques

A good tip to make your benchtop table saw more versatile is to build a long outfeed table for it.