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e-cigs JUST AS BAD!Can't believe people still do this!The more you smoke,the more your nerve cells become immune to the pleasure brought on by smoking.As a result,smokers tend to increase their intake of nicotine to get that desirable feeling from smoking.2 Despite the"pleasure"that one gets from puffing a cig,remember this:smoking comes with devastating health effects.If you think smoking an e-cig makes a difference,it doesn't. Researchers actually found that a brand of e-cigarette contains

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Is MS a T cell-Mediated disease We made a suggestion that the B memory cell was important in MS. CLICK TO READ However the reviewer was spitting blood that we did not mention T cells enough times and thought that the review was a bit biased. Sure it has it is any opinion piece.If we did not take a stance it could become a love-in and we would say everything is because of T would bat an eyelid and we would keep on developing T cell…

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Karen Margolis, 8 layers of maps + watercolor. Could see this with newspaper, great art inspiration that many grade levels can do!

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Education. How does Daclizumab Work? The response to therapy may provide useful clues about what causes MS. So maybe we should have a look. Its all T cells but what happens with ocrelizumab However these is no consistency of what works and what does not work. Daclizimab is moderately effective at controling MS but may not instantly fall into the easy to understand explanation. The T cell Explanation Many People believe that MS is mediated by T cells Daclizumab blocks the interleukin-2…

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