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This fractal, Cells Alive, is a winner at “Benoît Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2009”. It will show in “International Congress of Mathematicians 2010”, Hyderabad, India.

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Want to give your skin and insides some serious TLC? Try my green simple blend and glow elixir for it's sweet n spicy combo of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant perks. This powerful detox will revive, refresh, and make you glow.

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Karen Margolis, 8 layers of maps + watercolor. Could see this with newspaper, great art inspiration that many grade levels can do!

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Necklace | Nikki Stott. 'Cellular' ~ from her 'Jewellery from Scientific Photographs Series'. Electroformed copper screen print of microscopic image of skin cells

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Simple wood. Good for houses, fuel, making shade and keeping fruit off the ground. Great invention made from water and CO2 by sunlight for a very long time. Intelligent man still can't make it.

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Aristolochia sp. two-year-old stem, magnified 70 times. From Ralph Grimm, Private Research, Jimboomba, Australia

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surface pattern and texture effects; fibre art // Jackie Bowcutt - given me inspiration for the stems of the 3D mushroom experiments

Villa of the small intestine. Helen Jaques » Blog Archive » Wellcome Image Awards: shedding light on the microscopic world

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trabeculae, bones, railroad bridges, and what not o/ this design helps to distribute the weight ♡ Ain't beautiful?

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For all those who have been told their pain is in their head or they are lazy and wanted to say don't care where it is - just make it stop!

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