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System For Award Management

SO cute! good for a whole class award... could even provide other teachers/staff with some ladybug stickers that they can give to class if they see good behavior in hallways/assemblies/lunchroom etc... @Magan Blasig Blasig Blasig Holt


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Another Dojo certificate for highest points. Might also be cool to make one for most improved (percentage-wise) from one week to the next. The teacher would not need to track this; students can find their own percentages by week on their student accounts, and they'd need to inform the teacher of their improvement/difference from one week to the next.


Need a quick effective classroom management fix?! Try a V.I.P. table! This post has everything you need for your classroom!


Eat lunch in the classroom Extra PE time Extra recess time No homework for the night A day with no desks or chairs Mrs. Glasmann shows us her 6th grade picture (Where do they come up with this stuff?) Play a class game Rearrange desks however students want (This came with the stipulation that I can move them back any time I'd like.) Bring a drink and snack to school Movie morning with popcorn


Teaching In The Fast Lane: 50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing


The caption is actually true! Finding rewards that *work* for high schoolers is tough. Rewards are an important part of any good behavior strategy.


points board using Michael Linsin's Classroom Management for the art teacher book


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Owl Themed "Owl" standing Behavior Clip Chart & Certificates

Managing your classroom behavior has never been such a "Hoot"! This behavior system promotes positive behavior in the classroom. This pack includes: * Owl Themed Clip Chart Behavior System * "Owl"standing Behavior Letters * Awards for reaching the top of the chart Simply download, print, laminate. Follow me on TPT for new products and FREEBIES!!