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Syrian Refugees In Usa

It's disgusting what is happening in Syria to all these innocent children. Not only they suffer, but also their innocent parents who struggle to make their children have a happy and SAFE childhood.


That's FundaMENTAL Change From Demorats: Obama Ramps Up Acceptance Of New Syrian Refugees, Over 2.3K Admitted In July, Almost All Sunni Muslims…

from RedFlag News

Aug 4 Obama's Goal Of Flooding The US With 10,000 Syrian "Refugees" About To Be Reached

7.1.16 -OBAMA BLOCKING SYRIAN CHRISTIAN REFUGEES: In the month of June alone, Obama authorized entrance into the United States for over 2,300 Syrian "refugees". Of those 2,300, only 8 were Christian, one was an atheist, the other 2,289 were all Sunni Muslims and the vast majority of them were male. And NONE of them were resettled in Washington DC,

from Refugee Resettlement Watch

The big lie! Refugees are being vetted

We hear Ad nauseam that Syrian refugees entering the US now by the thousands…