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Syrian Bread

Grandma's Syrian Bread - Our very favorite goes-with-everything bread. You can eat it for breakfast, use it for sandwiches for lunch, and serve alongside any dinner


Syrian Bread

Syrian Bread Recipe


Sambousek two ways (meat or cheese)

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Muhammara – red pepper and walnut dip

Beautiful Syrian red pepper and walnut dip that will make your palate sing with joy.


Znoud-el-Sit is a Lebanese dessert, made by rolling thick cream inside white bread, deep frying and then dipping these crispy rolls in a fragrant sugar syrup. Perfect dessert to have during Iftar.

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Syrian Pita Bread

Chris Hanna learned to make these airy pitas from her Syrian grandmother, and she still insists on baking them from scratch when serving shwarma. "It isn't that hard to make your own, and the flavor and texture are far superior to the flaccid, sweet kind you find in most grocery stores," she says. Eat the first ones out of the oven slathered with butter, the way Hanna did as a kid.

Talamee - Syrian flat bread all my life i have loved syrian bread, why because my whole family has made it and i am part syrian after all can't wait until i have time to make it this summer.


Sam's Place: Syrian Bread

House Vegan: Grandma's Syrian Bread

Savory Cheese Hand Pies | So tasty.took some time preparing and shaping the dough but it was worth it.cheese used for this recipe can be found at Arabic stores 8/10 points