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Syria anti-government vigil, May 21 2011 Source: beyondcloudnine


Democrat raves about Obama’s epic database// I Told you so. I don't hear anyone reminding people this. M Waters raving about Obama & his data base to hear all and know all about everyone. How do you like him now? Talking about his end of presidency listen to what she says. Is this why HarryReid is so bold with saying crazy things? No bill will pass his desk.

Second plane with Armenian humanitarian aid off to Syria - Arka News Agency (press release)

#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #Rojava Ottoman Ghosts Imperial Memories in Turkey and Syria Ankara’s late-August military intervention into northern Syria, officially dubbed Operation Euphrates Shield, was a moment of revelry for many in the Turkish press. A great majority of editors, columnists, and television presenters saw the Turkish army’s advance as a decisive statement of the nation’s…

Moscow vows to press Syria offensive; US weighs tough response - Channel NewsAsia

Assad did not order Syria chemical weapons attack, says German press | World news | The Guardian

Syria presses Aleppo advance, tells rebels to leave

Syria presses Aleppo advance as UN says hospitals near collapse - Channel NewsAsia

This is one f'd up world. Against International Law>>>Israel Grants Oil Rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild Israel has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the occupied Golan Heights, to Genie Energy. Major shareholders of Genie Energy – which also has interests in shale gas in the United States and shale oil in Israel – include Rupert Murdoch and Lord Jacob Rothschild. This from a 2010 Genie Energy press release: Claude …

#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #Rojava Hundreds of Syrian rebels join the pro-Kurdish SDF alliance A Free Syrian Army (FSA) brigade joined the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Thursday. The SDF is an alliance of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian and Armenian militias that have been fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) in northern Syria. In a press conference in Hasakah city, the Free Officers…