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Synonyms Of Proud

My VCOP display, quite proud of it I have to admit! We have a boring word jail, if the we put the word in jail, we can't use it in our writing. All the words are attached with velcro so that it's fully interactive. Together the children and I will add more words.


flaunt - to show something you are proud of to other people, in order to impress them

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No more shy kids: how to effectively boost your child's confidence

It is hard when are kids are shy - what do we do as a parent to encourage that confidence, but also not to undermine them so they feel we are criticising the way they react to those situations - here are some ideas to help build confidence in your children....

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Football Mom Definition V-neck Tee {Red}

Football Mom definition v-neck tee. Short sleeve, fitted women's fit tee. Super soft. "1. A mother who raises her champion. 2. Whose car smells like a gym, has an empty refrigerator, sore lungs, and a full heart. 3. One who prays when he plays. Synonyms: son's #1 fan, superwoman, loud & proud."

NOT taking action...IS an act!!!!! "They (I, we) urged Washington to act" synonyms: take action, take steps, take measures, move, react .

Yep! Love the fact I've been to every parents evening, school play, sports day, supported with his swimming, rollerskating, football, helping him with shoe laces & riding a bike, clothing & providing for him! General support with his emotions & some bullying he's had at school. So proud of him xx