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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End- Jack Sparrow is the best pirate

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New TED Book: Brain Power

Thought provoking proposition. Another great book from TED.

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Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form new connections—as well as eliminate old ones—throughout life. In previous generations, people often believed that the neural connections of the brain were fixed by a certain age. We now know that the brain continues to develop and rewire itself throughout life and that experience can change the brain’s structure and functioning.

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Scientists open the ‘black box’ of schizophrenia with dramatic genetic discovery

Scientists Discover New Clues to Schizophrenia

#Schizophrenia: Ancient Scrolls, #Genomic Sequencing and Synaptic Pruning (NHGRI, March 18, 2016)


Pruning starts near the time of birth & is completed at end of adolescents. At birth, the brain consists of ~86 billion neurons. The infant brain will grow 5x in size by adulthood. 2 factors contribute to this: the growth of synaptic connections between neurons, & the myelination of nerve fibers. A decrease in synapses is seen after adolescence (synaptic pruning), & ~50% do not survive until adulthood. Pruning is influenced by environmental factors and is widely thought to represent…

Learn about the concept of synaptic pruning and its effects on auditory processing disorder in children. Support can be offered to help children.


Synaptic Pruning Research and Manipulation

Cells in your brain acting as little micro-gardeners? It's true! A recent article from Fast Company explains “synaptic pruning” as being when the microglial cells in your brain and how they act as gardeners and prune away synaptic connections so there’s room for new ones to form. And the key to proper brain maintenance? Sleep and mindfulness. Read on!

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The wolf you feed

The wolf you feed | brain memory manifest synaptic pruning | Hilda's Desert Garden