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Honey is really beneficial as a treatment for sore throat. It also has trustworthy germ killing properties. It is very healthy even if consumed regularly.Visit here:

Take charge of your health and discover 10 health factors that can interfere with your thyroid function! |

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Starting this regimen at first sign of sore throat could save you the expense of a doctor visit. #HealthTip #SoreThroat

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The symptoms of tonsillitis are difficulty in swallowing, ear ache, fever, chills, sometimes headache and sore throat. The lymph nodes in the jaw and neck may be swollen and tender to touch. Try these time tested natural remedies to treat Tonsillitis ..

Kids Smart Natural Medicine Pain Fever is a specially formulated natural homoeopathic remedy for the temporary relief of pain and mild fever. It may assist in helping to relieve a wide range of many of the common pain and fever complaints that can be experienced during childhood, including teething, earache, sore throat, mild fever and common cold symptoms. $12.50

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