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complications: septicemia, pulmonary edema, lung abscess, ARDS; manifestations: productive/nonproductive cough, fatigue, pain, dyspnea, fever, chills, crackles or rales, pleural rub, tachypnea, mental status changes (especially in the elderly); dx: history, PE, xray, sputum cultures, CBC, ABBG, bronchoscopy; treatment: intubation w/ventilator support, o2 therapy, antibiotics, bronchodilators, corticosteroids, antipyretics, analgesics, chest physiotherapy, increase fluids, rest, swallow…


The symptoms of pneumonia may vary from one person to another. Know the signs and symptoms of pneumonia and how you can get rid of it.

What is pneumonia and what are the symptoms of pneumonia?

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Walking Pneumonia Signs and Symptoms

Walking Pneumonia Signs and Symptoms-The treatment course includes a combination of a lot of rest, intake of fluids, and antibiotics like clarithromycin, erythromycin, azithromycin, and tetracycline. Antibiotics help in stalling the spread of the disease, only if they have been started early in the course of the illness. Read more at Buzzle:

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Home Remedies for Pneumonia

A highly effective natural treatment for pneumonia with no antibiotics needed, plus many home remedies to cure pneumonia and chest congestion, especially in toddlers and children when the symptoms can be unique.

What are the symptoms of pneumonia? Symptoms of pneumonia caused by bacteria usually come on more quickly than pneumonia caused by virus. Although symptoms may vary greatly depending on other underlying conditions, common symptoms include: Cough Rusty or green mucus (sputum) coughed up from lungs Fever Fast breathing and shortness of breath Shaking chills Chest pain that usually worsens when taking a deep breath (pleuritic pain)....


10 Common Symptoms of Pneumonia - RM Healthy

Pneumonia usually results from infections caused by bacteria or viruses. It is a lung infection. Common symptoms of pneumonia include severe fever, cold, chest


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What are the symptoms of pneumonia?