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In Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), there are significant physical changes within the brain as a result of trauma.


"The Crash Reel" Shows Us That It's Time We Learned To Love Our Brains

Have you seen HBOs The Crash Reel? It's an amazing documentary about Kevin Pearce and the traumatic brain injury (TBI) he survived with the help of doctors, family and friends. He will never be the same and this documentary shows the unvarnished truth about head injuries. If you have any of these symptoms after hitting your head DO NOT WAIT TO SEE A DOCTOR in the morning - go to the ER IMMEDIATELY - Read more...

yes but it cannot be proved that things like 'more blood flow' cause the symptoms of 'more anger etc'.......the increased blood flow could be the result of having those feelings. It's the constant question in neuroscience: which comes first: the symptoms or the changes in brain chemistry etc? I'm unaware that this question has been resolved.


Exercises for Cervical Dizziness

Cervical dizziness, also known as cervical vertigo, is usually cased by neck or head injury such as whiplash, or compression of the arteries in your neck. The most common symptoms are dizziness when you move your neck and ear pain. Gentle neck mobilization exercises are often recommended as part of the treatment, but you should seek medical advice...

I suffer from 3 lumbar disc bulges and i struggle to get back to my old fitness level because i push myself too fast to soon. I'm finally without out pain and I found this really helpful site with simple to advance exercises for lower back injuries to help recovery. Low Back Pain Exercise Guide -OrthoInfo - AAOS