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Sign of the Day - RELAX. British Sign Language daily signsLearn British Sign Language – BSL & Fingerspelling Info and Resources

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This is the Sanskrit language. This language is an Indo-Aryan language. This language is most common in those that practice the Hindu religion. It's also popular in Buddhism and Jainism

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Turtle Symbol- I love the Native American Indian Symbols. This website has a huge variety of symbols with their meaning including the power animal symbols. Great for kids craft ideas!!! Endless ideas. Paint on rocks, just an idea.

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Incan weaving - photo/picture definition - Incan weaving word and phrase image

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Yugen (幽玄): an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious to be described.

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While some of these dream symbols are easy to figure out, others are interesting. Did you know a zoo in your dream symbolizes "confusion"?

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