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Swollen Toe Joint

Gout is a form of arthritis (also called "gouty arthritis") usually caused by too much uric acid, a natural substance. The built-up uric acid forms needlelike crystals, especially at low body temps. And the coolest part of the body, happens to be the big toe. "Three-fourths of the time, you wake up with a red-hot swollen toe joint as the first presentation of gout,".Swelling & shiny red or purplish skin -along with a sensation of heat and pain--can also occur in the instep, the Achilles…

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If you take 250 mg. of niacin twice a day, you should see a decrease in inflammation over a period of time. If you don’t like the taste of i...

Gout is a medical condition usually characterized by recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis a red, tender, hot, swollen joint. The metatarsal-phalangeal joint at the base of the big toe is the most commonly affected.However, it may also present as tophi, kidney stones, or urate nephropathy. It is caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood.


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