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I Love Swiss Bank Accounts

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'Lost' Leonardo Da Vinci Mural Found After 500 Years (PICTURES)


Swiss Bank Gold Bars - $2 Billion of Gold. Think about it... this stack of yellow metal is worth as much as an entire community of 2,000 one-million-dollar luxury estate houses.


On July 3, 2009 at the Switzerland Italy train border crossing in Chiasso, Italy about one-hundred thirty-four billion in Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio Series 1934 Federal Reserve Note coupon bonds were seized, and pictured here is a Federal Reserve Note coupon bond ( obverse ) reading five-hundred million that bears serial number D 45183850 A.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio Federal Reserve Note Series 1934 coupon bonds reading five-hundred million ( each sheet ) were seized on June 3, 2009 totalling one-hundred thirty-four billion from two ( 2 ) Japan nationals in Italy enroute to Switzerland. For more, click:

Blackwater Founder Investigated For Ties to Chinese Intelligence and Money Laundering MARCH 25, 2016 - NOTE: Victoria Toensing is the lawyer covering up the Swiss Bank connection to terrorist financing and State Department cover up of Brad Birkenfeld's prosecution by Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer. The black hole expands.


Swiss bank's donations to Clinton Foundation increased after Hillary intervention in IRS dispute

Donations to the Clinton Foundation by Swiss bank UBS increased tenfold after Hillary Clinton intervened to settle a dispute with the IRS early in her tenure as secretary of state, according to a published report.