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Gravel under the play set. Dedicated area with path and low boxwood hedges so you can still see the kiddos...if we have to move it, may as well improve it!


A lot of the work we have made could be described as ‘playful’ but in 2005 & 2006 we made some artworks specifically with children in mind—one was a sticker book we designed and gave away for free at a Zoo, the other were some sculptural objects we made during a residency in Rotterdam that were based on a design in Victor Papanek’s Nomadic Furniture book. They were painted corrugated cardboard box like objects that could be sat on, stacked and climbed on. Some of the studio artists had kids…


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Wooden Play Equipment - Swings, Forts, Scramble Nets, Slides, Suspension Bridges, Rope Ladders, Decking and Furniture for Private Gardens