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All nostalgic retro items are wanted by the-toy-exchange - More

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Thinking outside the box

Is a kit house for you? Thinking outside the box - Architecture - via FT How To Spend It

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Definietly not healthy but so funny and unusual.

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Okay so one time me and my friend Lucy forgot our swimming kits in Year 6 and so we couldn't go to the swimming lesson but our school didn't have it's own pool so we had to go up to the nearby secondary school so there were no teachers to supervise us in the classroom. Their solution: they told us to sit in the classroom where someone would check up on us once in a while, and they gave us three boxes of coins and told us to make the shields.

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From Endless Pools®, this 19' Dual-Temperature Swim Spa lets you swim or exercise at a comfortable 84° F and then enjoy hot-tub hydrotherapy at a relaxing 100° F. Request your Free Idea Kit at

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I know exactly what to do now with my old papasan chair in the attic. Easy project for my sweetheart

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