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Prevent Ear Infections This Summer . . . Make Your Own Swimmer's Ear Drops

My Mom used this on all of his kids especially when I did synchronized swimming !! Loved water ballet & exercises but my ears didn't!! With this remedy my Mom used we never got swimmer's ear .. So glad to see this out there .. I still use it and used it on my own kids! Works great after showers too!(:


19 Home Remedies You Won't Believe Actually Work

I suffer from allergies, and doing this once a week helps me feel/hear better ....This stops colds?!?! Totally doing it!!!

vO5 Hot Oil Treatment! Heated up in the glass of water, then worked it through your hair.

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50 All-Natural Summer Beauty Treatment Recipes - Page 4 of 5

Prevent Swimmers Ear & Infections Natural Remedy. This is the mixture the pediatrician gave me to use for my daughter who is on a swim team.

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Home Remedy For Earwax & Ear Infections

This home remedy is actually better than some of the over-the-counter solutions you can purchase from the pharmacy; most of the drops for swimmer’s ear (mild infection) contain just isopropyl alcohol to dry and wash out the ear, but the home remedy below contains rubbing alcohol and…