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Beautiful swan. Makes me think of the swans in Springbank Park in Ontario, swimming through the willows along the waters edge.

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grace, soul-mate, awakening, longevity, swans have mates for life, if you have this totem, your twin flame will light when it's ready. nothing can force this natural flame. avor & enjoyyy it!

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Swan this I also would like to do in origami foldind techniques because I think there are many ways how to do it. Some of them are easy and basic and another are harder and nicer when it is finished.

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99% of swans only have one partner their their whole lifetime, if the mate dies the swan can pass away from a broken heart. Although, 1% has been observed to move on and find a new partner.

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VERMONT - USA - St Albans Lake - swan and duck - beautiful nature shot #photo by olivelinton on flickr

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Will you give me a lift, Mum? And the sight of these cygnets can give us all a lift as it signals the start of summer

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45 Irresistibly Cute Photos Of Animals Hugging That Will Make Your Day

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Free as a bird? Never. Human intelligence is far too advanced to ever be free as that of a bird... i must be stupid then ;) :) <3

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Valentine's Day: hearts in Nature

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