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20 Creative Sustainable Packaging Design Examples

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Hanging Hook Necklaces

Upcycled Fashion - sculptural necklace made from metal hooks from clothes hangers - sustainable art jewellery; recycled fashion

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Industrial Shaker Showroom

Sustainable Kitchens Showroom. Industrial Shaker style showroom kitchen with oak cabinets painted in Farrow & Ball Down Pipe. The island has a polished concrete worktop with open shelving and slatted wood. The hanging pendant light from Original BTC and bespoke copper tap add to the industrial feel. The open larder with LED lights has built in spice drawers on the doors. The floor is made from reclaimed scaffold planks.

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"loose parts play" storage - rocks, sticks, and other materials are sorted into baskets so children can find them. "Loose parts play" = using objects without a set purpose to create.

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True sustainability -social and ecological- in fashion cannot be achieved without slowing down the continuous changing of trends. Promote slow fashion and choose long-lasting designs. Inspiring Kiraku Clothing

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Paul White, Great Frampton Mansion, Llantwit Major, South Glarmogan 2009, inspired by the American Abstract Expressionist painters and Aaron Siskind

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Contemporary Eco Kitchen in the Cotswolds

Sustainable Kitchens Eco Kitchen - A close up of the four lye-treated drawer cabinet with routed drawer pulls. Showing off how effortlessly the brushed stainless steel worktop meets the wood.

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Fast Fashion: an excessively expendable evil

Why are you still supporting unethically produced fast fashion? Fast Fashion: an excessively expendable evil

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20 Creative Sustainable Packaging Design Examples

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Recycled Outerwear Runways

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