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Sustainable bookshop

Labrador Rocks! One of the Coolest Civilizations in North...

Sustainable Matchstick Stationery


An original ‘owl service’ ceramic plate: This plate was part of the dinner service that inspired Garner’s novel. According to Griselda Garner the service originally belonged to her aunt, who bought it at a farm sale in Somerset but then ‘packed [it] away and put [it] in a barn because she said that the owls watching her eat gave her indigestion’. AG Archive 41 (by kind permission of Alan Garner)


5 ways to wrap up Christmas, without trashing the planet | MY ZERO WASTE

It's September. A perfect month for talking about books, books and more books. I've extolled the virtues of reading many times here...

Gallery of Ballarat Community Health Primary Care Centre / DesignInc - 2


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