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Suspended Animation

ALEXANDER CALDER. Alexander Calder was an American sculptor best known as the originator of the mobile, a type of kinetic sculpture made with delicately balanced or suspended components which move in response to motor power or air currents. Wikipedia

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This little alien monster is fundamental to cancer research

This is a tardigrade. You can boil them, freeze them to near absolute zero…


Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View by Cornelia Parker. Saw this at The Tate Modern, London and completely fell in love with it. There was so much to see in the actual exhibit and the single lightbulb lighting the room made it almost feel magical with all the shadows on the walls.


Eadweard Muybridge. Flight of swans, sequence, order, pattern, control.


LOVE! The Arts Company carries some very small sculpture by this artist. Sky Diver (Large) :: Bill Starke


Red Dwarf's The Cat: Evolved from a cat that Dave Lister had smuggled aboard Red Dwarf before being put in suspended animation for thousands of years, The Cat exhibits all the self-centeredness and vanity of your typical house cat.


Prince Releases ‘Art Official Age’ and ‘PlectrumElectrum’

... waking up from suspended animation 45 years from now, in a new culture where “there are no such words as me or mine.”

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Shhhhh, we sleeping beauties are trying to get some shut eye! The amazing pictures of snoozing newborns

Suspended animation: But at least I've got a posy for my toes


On April 21, 2016, my heart was irrevocably broken with the death of Prince. • • • Prince: my heart's solace, the creator of my life's soundtrack, my musical sanctuary, my teacher, my heart, my soul, my love, my friend... and my beloved maestro. • • • I will love you and miss you the rest of my days. No one will ever fill the void you've left within me. • • • There are no other words right now, only an odd numbness - a suspended animation. Maybe it's denial, or an innate mechanism of coping…