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Survivor Guilt

Shame I knew one just like that :-( And I always wondered why such a beautiful person was single. One learns from difficult situation :-( Common Symptoms of Sociopathic Personality Disorder - wow! Lying and having no remorse or guilt. What a sad, miserable life.

from Salem Witch Hunt

Never Admit Guilt

Original poster says, "I emphasize the blame-shifting all the time when I speak with individuals frustrated at their Narcissist's inability to simply admit wrongdoing. It's important to understand that a Narcissist will NEVER simply own up to any bad behavior or wrongdoing on their part willingly and anything you take issue with will ALWAYS somehow be the fault of another. A Narcissist will even blame something they said or did RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU on someone else.

6 Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Why People With PTSD Experience Trauma-Related Guilt

PTSD and guilt commonly co-occur. People who have experienced traumatic events may experience something called trauma-related guilt. It refers to the unpleasant feeling of regret stemming from the belief that you could or should have done something different at the time a traumatic event occurred. For example, an abused person may regret and feel responsible of the 'offense' that is taken. A rape survivor may feel guilty about not fighting back at the time of the assault.


Manipulation via Shaming and Guilt-Tripping: Using the Conscience of the Neurotic against Them--Excerpt; "The reality is that the disordered character is not blind but rather very aware. He also knows full well what behaviors most people regard as wrong and shameful, and he wants others to toe the line. The reason he doesn’t play by the same rules is because if he is a narcissistic character, he feels entitled to do otherwise."---Good article!