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12 Overlooked Items No One Includes In Their Preps

There are certain items that usually get left out of survival supply lists. Consequently, preppers tend to overlook them.

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Survival Tip: Do not trust anyone who has more weapons than food. Their plan is to likely use those weapons to take your supplies. zombieapocalypsesurvivaltips: Zombie apocalypse survival tip #209

21 Survival Uses For Plastic Grocery Bags

Every time you go to the store, you're offered free survival supplies. I'm talking about plastic bags. They could save your life, or at least help you out.

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15 Reasons to Teach Your Kids Archery #Infographic #Kids #Sports

15 Reasons to Teach Your Kids Archery #Infographic

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This is a complete guide to setting up your solar power. Written in detail, in simple terms so that anybody can generate and store their own off the grid power supply. In this tutorial, I will show…

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The batteries allow the user to have a more steady supply of solar power and to store all energy that comes in throughout the day, none of it to go to waste. The batteries provide power during storms and outages, and can weather almost any storm.Aquion Energy has developed a non-toxic off-grid solar battery that can last a household over 10 years! The salt water powered Aspen Solar batteries can handle daily use and require literally zero maintenance. The batteries can handle up to 3,000…

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Good idea to keep this in your house or car in case of an emergency. Especially during inclement weather.

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Prepare for student life with our University Essentials – we’ve collected everything you’ll need for work, rest and play. From laptops and headphones to home furnishings and fashion, we have everything you need to get a head start at University, as well as those little luxuries that make a room feel like home.

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