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Enrique Chagoya : "Illegal Alien's Guide to the Concept of Relative Surplus Value": 2009 Color lithograph : 15 x 80" :

Detail: "Illegal Alien's Fuide to the Concept of Relative Surplus Value":2009 Color Lithograph

Opens Tomorrow: As the sixth installment of Pace Beijing’s annual project Beijing Voice, Song Dong Surplus Value will feature the artist’s latest series, Surplus Value, a conceptual exploration of everyday discarded things.As a leading international artist, Song Dong this year presented a retrospective exhibition at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, and Kunsthalle Dusseldorf in Germany. Now, Pace Beijing will close out the year by presenting the artist’s powerful creativity and...


Surplus value is a concept written about by Karl Marx. Although Marx did not himself invent the term, he developed the concept. It refers roughly to the new value created by workers that is in excess of their own labour-cost and which is therefore available to be appropriated by the capitalist, according to Marx; it allows then for profit and in so doing is the basis of capital accumulation.