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Samen met je broertjes en zusjes opgroeien geeft een geborgen en veilig gevoel. Ondanks alles, vaak ruzie enzo, zal familie er altijd voor elkaar zijn.


Yes!! Little boys with long blonde ponytails are the cutest!! ☺️❤️


My kids are going to be crazy for adventure. This will probably be Dakota, although the picture is of a boy.. I think my daughter will end up like this.


The best sandals for kids! Salt-Water Style 1700 Sun-San Surfer Sandal -

Silver Surfer, there's nothing quite like having the power cosmic!!! Oh the fin I'd have using the power cosmic, I could heal injured kittens, do awesome silver surf board tricks for under privileged kids in the hood, destroy bad guy bases with the waive of my hand, end the nuclear conflict, cheat in Monopoly and most importantly rearrange all the molecules on all the people I don't care for and make them a deformed half man/women. I'd pull a Barney Stinson and give all women back jugs!!!!