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[SET OF GIFS] "Did those books really happen?" 8x20 Pac-Man Fever Sam's reaction to the book was priceless.

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Supernatural - [7x20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, 8x11 LARP and the Real Girl, 8x20 Pac-Man Fever] - Charlie and her Han Solo "I love you." "I know." theme.

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I cried with Charlie on Season 10 Episode 11... And just watching Sam comforting her and saying stuff like: "It's okay", makes my Sam girliness explode.

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So many terrible jokes in that season. But I love Charlie. She's like the Nerd Queen of Supernatural.

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Charlie and Dean had the best chemistry together lol they were hilarious when they were together in scenes!

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Jared Padalecki posted his first-ever #TBT: 13 more 'Supernatural' throwbacks

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