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Hi ! Someone can do an edit of this please ? That's probably hard .... For each lips , the symbole of an Avengers ( like the last one with Captain America ) . So , if someone wants to try ... Thanks !! :) :)

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Batman Vs Superman Logo Adapted For The Rest of DC Comics

Superheroes logo poster set, Batman, Captain America, Superman, Flash //12x18 matte finish print//

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35 Inspirational Superman Tattoos

A ripped off Superman sleeve with the Superman logo on it. A dramatic looking Superman tattoo showing the weaker side of the hero, implying that he also has weaknesses and can experience pain beneath his strong façade.

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Once I can get a set of tunisian crochet hooks, I can adapt this and use a nice bright "superhero" blue. Maybe next year for Nathan's Christmas... Minecraft Pixel Art Templates: Superman logo

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LEGO Art: Brick Mosaic - Superman - DC Comics

This is a handmade mosaic of Supermans logo using LEGO plates. The pieces are glued down and the mosaic measures 25.5cm x 25.5cm. These are made

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