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Super Earth

Dead link. Great idea for a diaper bag

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These extraordinary plants draw their unique characteristics from their harsh surroundings. They were first discovered in Siberia in 1908 where a comet had hit the earth, super-heating the air and exploding with such force that entire forests were leveled. This tremendous explosion completely sterilized this vast region, preventing anything from growing there.

**** PH Level LOW??? Superior SUPREME PH Alkaline Booster Drops Kit ~ Helps Raise PH Level in Body & Cells ~ Large 2oz Bottle Treats Approximately 21 Gallons or 336 Servings! by Supreme PH. Save 1 Off!. $50.95. We are 70% water and 30% mass, just as the earth. However our blood can be comprised of between 96-97% water. What this means is for every 100 lbs, you are about 70lbs of water. If our water is degraded, so is our mass. Cells have a better opportunity for good health while floating…

Skin2Spirit: Organic Body Mousse / "Luxury knows no bounds with this ULTRA moisturizing Shea Body Mousse! Made with PURE ALOE as the main ingredient (NO Water!), SHEA & COCOA butters are whipped until light & fluffy -it looks & feels like mousse, yet is absorbed quickly into your skin & is not sticky! And better yet, this body mousse is made with CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS and VEGAN!..."

from Mail Online

Seven Milky Way worlds could harbour life, say astronomers (after just a year of hunting)

Dusk on an alien world: How sunsets might look on four of the new worlds discovered, compared with Earth on the far left, according to data collected by the HEC project




Crisis on Infinite Earths #7-one of the greatest comic book covers and ever


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