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Super bowl quarter scores

Get ready for football - SUPER BOWL!!!!!!! Take part in my Mary Kay Super Bowl Pool!! For every $10 spent your name goes on a square! At the end of each quarter the score of the Super Bowl will determine the winner of each set of $25 in free product. Don't miss out!!!

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Superbowl Squares - How to Play Super Bowl squares is a simple football pool that anyone, regardless of their football knowledge, can play and win. Random numbers (0-9) are assigned to each axis of a 10x10 grid. These numbers are hidden until the start of the Super Bowl. Players pick squares randomly from the grid. Winners are based on the points scored during the game (last digits only). Example: if the score is NYG-3, NE-0 the square at the intersection of 3 and 0 wins. Four…

New England 28-24 Seattle: Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX

LaFell celebrates the first score of Super Bowl XLIX after clinging onto a pass from Brady in the second quarter in Arizona

The Toughest Athletes Ever?

NFL Running Back Terrell Davis Why He's Tough: T.D. was never one to let adversity slow him down. Sixth-round pick by the Broncos 1995, Went on to rush for a franchise-high 7,607 yards for the Broncos during his glorious career.Toughest Moment: In Super Bowl XXXII, Davis rushed for 157 yards and became the first player in Super Bowl history to score three rushing touchdowns. All this with a migraine that forced him to miss the entire second quarter.Rating: 66, the ideal football player.

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Super Bowl 50: five things we learned

Jonathan Stewart (28) of the Carolina Panthers scores a spectacular touchdown against the Denver Broncos in the second quarter

Score! Easy DIY Football Party Ideas

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Brady and the Patriots face the Seahawks at Super Bowl XLIX

Touchdown! The Seattle Seahawks have bounced back against the New England Patriots - as the Super Bowl has got off to a nail-biting start. During the second quarter, Chris Matthews threw the ball to Marshawn Lynch, who then scored a three-yard touchdown (pictured)

Super Bowl Quarter Score 2016: Panthers vs. Broncos 1st-Quarter Update and Recap

Super Bowl Quarter Score 2016: Panthers vs. Broncos 1st-Quarter Update and Recap: By Danny Webster , Featured Columnist Feb 7, 2016

Paving the way for the victory: As the Super bowl came to a close, Tom Brady hit Julian Edelman for a touchdown that took their score to 28 against the Seahawks' 24. However, it was Malcolm Butler's last-second interception that prevented the Seahawks from winning.

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