I remember the smell of the snow ,number of games possible to invent on this one little hillock named in opposition to the other hillock not very far but the big one.So I`ve spend all evening playing and mum probably was watching me from the kitchen window.And usually when there was time to come back home there was no one to play there.So I went home .I entered the reception and started to wait for a lift to arrive.

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Flower Template for Friendly Flowers. Each girl writes their name and draws a picture of themselves in the middle, they pass them round and everyone writes something nice about them on the petals, stem, leaves and space around the outside, once full they pass them back to be coloured in,

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Cinnamon colored sunflowers & chocolate dipped roses were in my wedding bouquet, I think they are beautiful flowers!

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Kent is a professional Dentist who also has the passion of photography inside him. His portfolio is full of wonderful photographs covering a wide variety of

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