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9 Feel-Good Uses for Epsom Salts. I have long known the effectiveness of Epsom salt baths for relaxation. It is good to know the other things that it is good for.


Calamine lotion used in the 1950s for sun burn, poison ivy blisters. It is a chalky pink color. Calamine is either a mixture of Zinc Oxide with about 0.5% ferric oxide or a zinc carbonate compound. In a 1992 press release, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that no proof had been submitted showing calamine to be safe for use or effective in treating bug bites, stings & rashes from poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac.

from Dr. Axe

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Arbonne Renewing Body Gelee` is a cooling gel to soothe your skin, but it also has a truck load of other uses!! For more info