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(Open rp) *tyler, Cameron Caroline and Nia sit on the porch of their house. They hear their father drive up, already knowing he's drunk.* Tyler) let's leave... * gets up and rushes them away from the house. His father gets out of the car and tries to run after them. They all run through the woods, hearing gunshots. Tyler runs fastly, but then runs into you.*

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I like the sound you make, we put the world away we get so disconnected.

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This! I'd love to be sitting on this patio right now. Beautiful light captured in this photo.

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Bouncing raindrops on glistening paving, to beautiful to miss by staying indoors.

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"Feelings are just that...feelings. You don't have to apologize for having them. The sun doesn't apologize for shining. And the rain doesn't apologize for falling." ;)

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